For enquiries re Baptisms and Weddings or to book a date, in the first instance please telephone the Associate Priest: The Revd. Maureen Young on 01984 667472.

Holy Baptism (Christening): A child should normally be baptised at his or her parish church, or the church which the parents normally attend. As a parent or godparent, you should ask yourself:

Are you prepared to the best of your ability to give the child a Christian upbringing within the family of Christ’s Church?

Will you help the child to be regular in public worship and in prayer, not only by your teaching but also by your example and your prayers?

Will you encourage the child in due time to come to Confirmation and Communion?

If you wish your child to be Baptised (Christened) in any of the five churches within the Benefice, as well as deciding upon a date there are various details which will need to be provided for the purposes of recording in the church’s Baptism Register.

An Application for Baptism form  can be obtained from The Revd. Maureen Young and, once the details have been filled in, the form should be returned as soon as possible. The information required on the form includes: the Christian name(s) and surname of the child, the date of birth of the child and when you would like the baptism to take place; an address and telephone number where you can be contacted; the Christian name(s) and surname(s) of the parent(s), their occupation and whether each of them have been baptised themselves and/or confirmed; and the names and addresses of godparents and whether they have been baptised and/or confirmed.

It is usual to have three godparents, two of the same sex as the child and one of the opposite sex, but to have one godfather and one godmother is sufficient if there are problems finding three godparents.

Parents may be godparents to their own children, provided that the child has at least one other godparent.

There is no fee payable for Baptism (Christening), though there will usually be an opportunity after the service for thanksgiving for the birth of a particular child in the form of donations towards the upkeep of the church building or for a particular church project.


Holy Marriage: as from 1st January 2019, the statutory fees for Marriages are as follows –

Publication of Banns – from January 2019 – £30

Certificate of Banns, if required – from January 2019 – £14

Marriage service – from January 2019 – £455.

Marriage certificate, at registration, if required £4.00; subsequently £10.

These fees do not include charges for the services of an organist (currently £100), bells (currently between £150-£200) or flowers (negotiable).